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Bringing elements of content together is part of what makes a great presentation. Odds are, there’s more to your Articulate-powered presentation than a PowerPoint file.

You’ve probably recorded some narration for each slide, added your company’s logo, inserted the presenter’s photo, and maybe even pulled in a Flash-based movie of your CEO welcoming your learners to your training.

The directory that is created to house your narration now contains more than audio. As soon as you add any content to your PowerPoint file, you’ll notice those files popping up in your project folder:


This concept of the Project Folder is useful not only to centralize all elements of your presentation under one umbrella, but also to share your source files with your coworkers. How so? One way is to use the Publish to Email feature, which will zip up your PowerPoint file and your Project Folder (just select the Email Project Files option). Publishing to Zip will work the same way, sans attaching the zip file to an email message, of course.

Let’s say your workflow goes from the SME (subject matter expert) to the designer to the voice talent. Assuming each member of your team is a licensed Articulate Presenter customer, it’s easy to move your content seamlessly along without having to worry about the presenter’s photo being lost on one individual’s hard drive.

Centralized content is the name of the game.

Tip: Upon publish, Articulate Presenter will look first at the original source file in its original location. If the source file is no longer there, Articulate Presenter will use the file that was copied to the Project Folder. So keep this in mind if you make a change to your source file after you’ve pulled it into your PowerPoint file: The change to the source will be reflected in your published output unless you make a change, then move the source to a new location.

4 responses to “Project Folder”


Whn I try to Publish to Email, I am required to be using Outlook. The Zip file option is grayed out.

Jennifer Juday // Posted at 4:35 pm on October 9th, 2007

Hi Jennifer-

If you’re doing Articulate -> Publish -> Project Files, the expected behavior is that the zip output option is grayed out since it will create a zip file by default.

Likewise, if you’re publishing to Web and select the option to email, Articulate Presenter will create a zip file by default, so you cannot uncheck that option.

Does this help?

gabe // Posted at 4:27 pm on October 11th, 2007

We use Groupwise, although we all have Outlook installed on our computers. Can I direct Articulate to publish to email and attach to a new Groupwise email?

Andrea // Posted at 9:46 am on March 20th, 2008

When I publish a presentation, basically, is that saving the document? Can I not view my work until it has been published?
Also, is there a technical support phone number we can use?

Sue Borgerson

Sue // Posted at 4:19 pm on April 14th, 2008

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