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There’s more to Articulate Presenter than meets the eye. Its core functionality is, of course, converting your PowerPoint file to Flash to create engaging multimedia presentations or e-learning courses. But what if you want to complement your Web-based Flash content with a printable study guide?

One way to approach this is to leverage the Publish to Word feature of Articulate Presenter.


You may have noticed that presenter notes in your PowerPoint file do not retain their formatting when publishing to Flash. However, you can get around this in the following way:

  1. Add presenter notes to your PowerPoint file, complete with any line breaks or indentations you may want.
  2. Go to Articulate -> Publish -> Word Document.
  3. Select Word Notes and click Publish.
  4. Save the new Word document containing your presenter notes and attach to your presentation (Articulate -> Add Attachments).


  • Text formatting, such as bold and italics, will not be converted to Word.
  • Make sure you have the attachments feature turned on in your player template (Articulate -> Player Templates -> Attachments).

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