Rapid Content Development

Written by Gabe Anderson — Posted in E-Learning Industry

Back in May, I wrote about the soon-to-be-released Bersin & Associates report called Rapid E-Learning: What Works.

A recent article in Learning & Training Innovations Magazine, Rapid E-Learning: Groundbreaking New Research by Jennifer De Vries, offers a preview of the report. Excerpts from this article follow:

    “In our research, we find that a revolutionary change is taking place. Many training problems come with urgent development timelines (e.g., get this program out in the next few weeks) and short shelf life (e.g., in three months this will be out-of-date). Often these programs have smaller budgets, smaller teams, and require the subject-matter experts to share their knowledge more directly with the learners.

    “There’s a new training category emerging, which we call ‘Rapid E-Learning.’ It is a whole new approach to Internet-based training – one that changes the development model, leverages new tools, and dramatically changes the economics of content development.

    “The structure and detail required [by Bayer Healthcare] was difficult for the in-field trainers to master because it was very different from the face to face training they were used to doing.

    “The solution was to provide the in-field trainers with an easy-to-use product, called Articulate, which converts PowerPoint presentations to Flash with audio narration, which can then be integrated into a Lectora course.”

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