Rapid E-Learning Grows Up

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lc_banner.gif In a new article in ASTD’s Learning Circuits magazine, Joe Fournier, chief learning architect at Rapid e-Learning, LLC, writes about a paradigm shift that’s underway in the e-learning industry.

Rapid E-learning Paradigm Shift

There are a number of really great quotes from the article, Rapid E-Learning Grows Up, including this:

“The adoption of rapid e-learning is still in its infancy. By most estimates, we are just passing the early adopter stage, moving toward adoption by an early majority. Most estimates, however, are based on the notion that rapid e-learning’s primary value is in addressing learning problems, rather than as a communication alternative for flat content. If the latter premise holds true, the demand for rapid e-learning technology may far surpass expectations.”

Empowering Everyone to Create Compelling E-Learning

Joe then quotes Jennifer DeVries in this very exciting point that compares the early days of desktop publishing to our growing industry:

“Rapid e-learning pioneer Jennifer DeVries has an apt analogy: ‘I see rapid e-learning like the desktop publishing industry of 20 years ago, when desktop publishing was relegated to the one person with the big computer who knew the specialized software and laid out all of the documents. Then MS Word came along and it included many desktop publishing features, giving everyone the ability to create reasonably attractive material on a PC using this very simple software. I think rapid e-learning tools are going to transform the e-learning industry in much the same way, so that e-learning development will become more accessible to the general public.'”

“Raising the Bar on Design”

Finally, Joe uses Engage as an example of one of the products helping to lead this shift in the way we think about rapid e-learning:

“Articulate (the other major force in the rapid e-learning niche), recently released Engage, a product that introduces a new category of visually dynamic content. Engage won a Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Award even before it was released because it creates visually engaging, instructionally smart interactions in just minutes. Engage is a great example of the paradigm shift in the rapid e-learning sector—tools geared toward raising the bar on design, not just addressing the time-to-learner issue.

You’ll also see my colleague, Jack Makhlouf, quoted in the article about the people who are helping to drive the mass adoption of e-learning — workplace learning professionals and sales representatives.

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I wholeheartedly agree with Joe Fournier’s contention that we are in the midst of a paradigm shift but I would go further and state that I believe it is a sea change. With today’s software tools, Articulate in particular, the elearning function has become not only viable but in many instances preferable, especially when it comes to addressing learning difficulties, which require close monitoring and a provision of insight for learners.
Keep up the great work.


Larry Low // Posted at 5:01 pm on December 13th, 2006

As a person who ranks at the bottom of the food chain when it comes to computer skills, I was amazed by just how intuitive Articulate Engage proved to be. I look forward to using Articulate Engage when designing elearning course to enhance the vocabulary prowess of my students. Pardon the pun, but without Articulate in my arsenal, I would feel inarticulate online.

Larry Low
Online Tutor

Larry Low // Posted at 9:01 pm on December 22nd, 2006

I have been distributing legal newsletters to professionals for some years now, the stats on who clicks on what have always been of interest. It was however always clear that people digested little of what was pumped out on a weekly basis.
I began using articulate only 4 months ago to create presentations containing the same knowledge material, the response from clients has been overwhelming and 100% positive. I have not even started to use the potential of Engage etc as it is still early days for me and I suppose I started by looking for a different way of delivering flat content, but ironically addressed the first proposition above at the same time. Working also with quizmaker converts learning to valuable professional training credits, a winning combination.
I have few computer skills, and no graphic skills, so Articulate products are a god send. If this really is only the start of e-learning then the future fills me with real excitement for this concept.

Andrew Keogh // Posted at 7:14 am on January 2nd, 2007

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