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As you may recall from our last newsletter, there are a few basic recording pointers that, if followed, can go a long way in improving the quality of your presentation or e-learning course. I am republishing the tips here since they make such a big difference in your finished product.

  1. Invest in a good microphone. We recommend a USB mic as opposed to a standard analog mic. Don’t use the built-in mic on your laptop. The difference in sound quality will astound you.
  2. Record in a quiet room. You don’t want to distract your audience with background chatter, ringing phones, or barking dogs.
  3. Read from a script. Have your script ready (type presenter notes for each slide and view in the Record Narration window). Rehearse your script before recording.
  4. Speak at a constant volume. Try to maintain the same speech level throughout your presentation so as to avoid fluctuation in your voice.
  5. Keep mic at a constant distance from your mouth.  The optimal mic position is just below and to the side of your mouth, not right in front of it. This will help you avoid those jarring "P" and "F" breathing sounds.
  6. Speak in a friendly and casual tone. A tone that is serious and formal may bore your audience or distance them from your content. Also, don’t rush, but don’t speak too quickly. It’s important to find a happy medium speaking pace.
  7. Review your first recording. Do an initial test and immediately play it back (press the PLAY button in lower left-hand corner of Record Narration window). This will help you to find the optimal speaking volume and tone, and will help you position your mic correctly.

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Nice set of tips here. I currently assist professors and business people with their e-learning recordings and I learned a thing or two from this. Thanks!

Jake // Posted at 4:12 pm on July 24th, 2007

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