Studio ’09 Receives Coveted 4-Star Review in TMR

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In a new review by training industry publication Training Media Review, Articulate Studio ’09 Pro received 4 of 4 stars and was named one of TMR’s Best Products of 2009.

The comprehensive review by Richard Karel of all the Studio ’09 Pro products — Presenter ’09, Quizmaker ’09, Engage ’09, and Video Encoder ’09 — sets the stage from the perspective of a one-person learning development department:

“How many of us one-person online learning departments understand the need for reliable, rapid development software? That is integrated with a familiar tool like PowerPoint? That is useful to beginners and to advanced developers? That is capable of creating advanced learning objects by inputting text? And, of course, does not break.”

Richard then describes his experience of using our tools to create an online training demo within a four-hour time frame. Although we do offer a robust support site with full online and downloadable documentation, Knowledge Bases, active Community Forums, and more, Richard didn’t even need to reference any of it during his test development experience, which is a testament to the ease-of-use of our products.

Richard also writes about the “unbelievable integration” of the Studio ’09 products, which are a “well-crafted suite of applications.”

On his experience with incorporating an Engage ’09 interaction into a Presenter ’09 course, Richard writes:

“After inserting my first Engage interaction (as simple as a mouse click on the Articulate ribbon section), I realized that what used to be 16 hours of development time just became 10 minutes. I copied and pasted text from a website into this reusable learning object and added another.”

That pretty much sums it up: Our tools allow you to focus on content and create powerfully engaging elearning content in minutes, not hours or days.

Click here to read the full review.

Thank you, TMR and Richard, for the kind words about our software; we’re glad our attention to detail in software development shines through. And congrats to the Articulate team on this latest honor!

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