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Last week we launched some great new offerings that round out the Articulate experience and will help you make the most of your investment in our tools.


Easily accessible via the new Community tab of our site, you’ll find links to this blog, the Community Forums, and two brand-new offerings:

Many of you know Tom as doofdaddy from our forums, and from his branching in PowerPoint guest post series on this blog.

Says Tom about his new blog:

The Rapid E-Learning Blog is all about helping people use the rapid e-learning tools and technology to create effective training. I’ll provide tips and tricks based on my years of experience. I have a number of goals with this blog. My main goal is to help others build the best training they can. Another goal is to contribute to connecting rapid e-learning developers. There’s power in sharing our experiences and best practices.

Subscribe to The Rapid E-Learning Blog via email or RSS, and get a free 46-page ebook, The Insider’s Guide to Becoming a Rapid E-Learning Pro:


  • Community Showcase: See examples of projects built by our community members using Articulate’s Rapid E-Learning Studio.

Along with Tom’s new blog, we also launched the new Community Showcase, where we highlight the best examples of how our customers are using our tools to create compelling elearning content. Through the showcase and our strong-as-ever forums, we’ll help each other learn.

Says Tom on learning and collaboration:

Learning is a complex process. It’s a combination of information, experience and social connection. Technology has enabled us to package and deliver some of the learning process online. A while back it required programming and special technical skills. However, the software is automating much of this work today. This is good because it allows us to build and deliver training at the point of need and at a very reasonable cost.

However, the challenge is to help those who use the technology to create the best learning environments possible. Many organizations commit to software like ours and then expect that the people who use it will automatically create engaging and effective training. That’s not always the case. Many who use rapid e-learning software are not trained instructional designers or are working with limited resources.

I look forward to meeting others, sharing best practices, and exchanging ideas.

We’re excited to see our vibrant community continue to grow.

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