Time-Saving Tricks & Treats for Working in Quizmaker’s Slide View

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No matter how many sweet tips are in your e-learning bag of tricks, there’s always room for more. You might’ve seen the four handy Articulate Quizmaker productivity tips we shared a few weeks ago. Today we’ve got even more treats, especially for folks who work a lot in Quizmaker’s Slide View.

What’s Slide View? If you’re not sure, take a look at this quick overview from David. The graphical editing environment of Quizmaker’s Slide View will hook you in no time! Then, explore the following tips to get even more e-learning goodness out of Slide View’s intuitive tools.

Jump from one question to another, right within Slide View

When working in Slide View, it’s common for quiz developers to use a three-step process to switch to another question: close the question editor, then double-click the next slide in the question list, then switch back to Slide View to make their edits. Wouldn’t it be great if you could move through your questions without ever leaving Slide View?

You can—and it’s a great way to trim your workflow. In Slide View, just click the Articulate button in the upper-left, choose Edit Next Question or Edit Previous Question, and you’re there!

Start your editing in Slide View every time

If you find yourself doing most of your work in Slide View, why not tell Quizmaker to open all questions in Slide View each time? That way you can skip the spin through Form View. (But of course, you can always switch back to Form View any time you need it.)

To set your preference, click the Articulate button in the upper-left, select Quizmaker Options, and choose Open questions in: Slide View.

Try a faster way to view your slide in the quiz player

When you’re working on the visual design of a quiz slide, often it’s important to know how that slide will look with your quiz player colors once it’s published.

While you can certainly use the Preview button to get a sneak peek, previewing sometimes requires a few seconds’ processing time because it renders a fully functional quiz slide. If you just need to check how your slide looks within the player, you can turn on the player’s visibility right from Slide View: click the View tab, and then mark the Player checkbox.

Have some Quizmaker tricks of your own to share? The Articulate Quizmaker forum at E-Learning Heroes is always open! Post your favorite shortcuts and tips so your fellow community members can savor them too!

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