Tips & Tricks to Help You Get Into the Full Swing of E-learning

Written by David Anderson — Posted in Community

This blog post is by Articulate Community Manager David Anderson.

In tennis, “no man’s land” is referred to the area between the baseline and service line—the most vulnerable court position for a player. Sometimes e-learning designers get caught between a great idea—scenario, activity, or interaction–and little time to execute. That’s why preparation and practice is so important.

How do you prepare for e-learning? One way is to know your resources. Resources include templates, storyboards, graphics and a supportive community.

How do you practice e-learning? Share a scenario, template or graphics idea and ask the community for feedback. You’ll get helpful and constructive feedback from the industry’s best E-learning Heroes.

If you need to work on some new shots or simply want to practice the basics, the Articulate community is ready to help you ace your next project. Check out the winning shots from last week:

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