How to Transform Static Content into Interactive Knowledge Checks

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Transform Static Content into Interactive Knowledge Checks

Are you looking to build more interactive e-learning? Something that moves your courses beyond click-and-read slideshows? One of the single best ways to begin creating more interactive courses—without disrupting your project’s timeline, client’s budget, or learners’ expectations—is to reframe your existing static content into interactive knowledge checks.

Storyline’s Convert to Freeform option offers six super easy ways to transform slide content into interactive slides. The process is the same for each, so it’s really up to you to choose the interaction type that best suits your new question. Let’s look at three ways we can rework the same text-and-bullets slide using Storyline’s Pick One, Drag-and-Drop, and Text Entry features.

In these examples, the key is to provide the context for the activities without redesigning our course or increasing development time. Because we’re working with existing content, the context for the activity is already in place; we just need to reframe the content into a meaningful question.

Elearning Knowledge Checks

Pick One

Pick One questions have only one right answer. Unlike multiple choice questions (yawn!) that rely on radio buttons, Pick One questions allow us to use existing text, graphics, and pictures as viable choices, giving our learners a more visible learning activity.

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Bonus: You don’t have to stop at one question. Once your duplicated slide is converted to a free-form interaction, you can continue duplicating the slide and changing the question and correct answers. This is a great option for designing drill-and-practice activities like flash cards and test preparation.


Drag-and-drop is another option for reframing content into a knowledge check. We just told our learners about each branch and what it does. Now, we can create a matching activity that asks learners to match the responsibilities to the correct branch of government.

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Text Entry

Fill-in-the-blank questions are another way to ask learners to recall what they just learned or read in an earlier slide.

This type of activity works well because we can remove one or more words from our content slide and ask learners to type in the missing words.

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What do you think?

This is easy, right? Seems like a good first step toward moving click-and-read courses into something more interactive. And, even though it’s a small shift, it engages your learner on the content you just presented. So tell us what you think—leave a comment below, start a thread in E-Learning Heroes, or try out your new skills in our Weekly Challenge. We want to hear from you!

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Hi there

Some of these look great

Can you tell us whether they are accessible under WCAG 2.0 AA?



KerryJ // Posted at 5:07 pm on October 10th, 2013

Hi KerryJ,

Just got this info from one of our developers:

We use Section 508 instead of WCAG 2.0.

Keep in mind that:

“WCAG 2.0 techniques can be used to unambiguously meet every one of the Section 508 guidelines.

Conversely, a Section 508-compliant page using these techniques will also conform to WCAG 2.0 Level A and part of Level AA (with the exception of three criteria which we list as “strongly recommended” below).”

For reference, here’s a checklist of both 508 and WCAG that comes from webaim:

At the end of the day, it’s still up to the author of the content to take the guidelines into consideration and apply them.

David Anderson // Posted at 5:15 pm on October 10th, 2013

Thank you for this!

We use Storyline a lot in Sweetrush, and the Convert to Freeform feature is fantastic.
But can’t wait till Articulate start officially supporting iPhone and Android platform. Once it does – there is no other rapid development tool that can stand close.

Misha Milshtein // Posted at 7:42 pm on February 5th, 2014

Hi Misha – Thanks for the comment. We know how popular Storyline is with Sweetrush and you guys do amazing work. We’re looking closely at Android right now. If you or someone would like to apply for our beta program, send me a direct message in Elearning Heroes:

David Anderson // Posted at 11:01 am on February 6th, 2014

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