Weekly Recap: Turn Your E-Learning Up to 11

Written by David Anderson — Posted in Community

Turn Your E-Learning Up to 11

Whether you’re building e-learning oldies or remixing genres, you’re always looking to kick your e-learning up a notch. That’s where the world’s largest e-learning venue can help. At E-Learning Heroes, there’s never a cover charge, two-question minimum, or age restrictions. Whether you’re an opening act or headliner, you’ll get to jam with the biggest players in the industry.

Need a design check before your course takes the stage? No problem. The Articulate community loves seeing and hearing works in progress! Just share your latest mix in the forums and we’ll chime in with a fusion of experience and creativity.

They can even help you find your next e-learning gig. So check out the setlist from last week’s jams:

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