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As the global leader in rapid e-learning, we get tons of traffic to our Web site. We do our best to share helpful information about our award-winning products, including Articulate Presenter 5 and Articulate Quizmaker 2. And, as evidenced by the popularity and quality of the Articulate Community Forums — as of this moment, 441 registered members have created 1,341 forum posts just since February 2006 — we know we already have one of the most enthusiastic, resourceful, and intelligent communities in the e-learning world.

That said, there’s always so much to learn and share within the rapidly growing e-learning space. As such, we want to contribute to the community by publishing a new, dedicated e-learning resources page that will host a broad array of relevant content.

And that’s where you come in: We want your help in building this forthcoming e-learning resource! Please send us your articles, links, examples of great e-learning courses, or other content that will help us create this valuable resource.

Categories of content we’re after include the following:

  • Emerging e-learning trends
  • E-learning success stories
  • What you are doing with e-learning
  • PowerPoint use in e-learning
  • Managing and tracking learning content
  • E-learning cultural and organizational challenges

If you have an attachment you’d like to send, please drop me a line first, and I’ll reply with instructions on where to send it.

Let’s create something of which we can all be proud, which will benefit the e-learning community at large.

Thanks in advance!

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