Weekly Recap: 12 Out of This World E-learning Tips from the Community

Written by David Anderson — Posted in Community

This blog post is by Articulate Community Manager David Anderson.

Wow! Last week was a big week for discoveries. First, NASA announced their discovery of a planet with two suns… Two suns! Apparently they were there all along—we just needed the right tools to see them.

While those types of discoveries don’t happen every day at NASA, they’re quite common in the e-learning community. Every day e-learning designers uncover amazing tips, tricks and techniques for building better courses.

Now get this: you don’t need a Kepler telescope to uncover e-learning’s deepest secrets. The Articulate community is like a galaxy of e-learning stars—aka Heroes—who are ready to shine light on your most challenging questions.

Want proof? Check out the highlights from last week’s e-learning discoveries:

Notable tutorials:

Conversations in the community:

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