Weekly Recap: Avoid Course Encounters of The Worst Kind

Written by David Anderson — Posted in Community

[Host] “Course-to-Course Radio, you’re on the air.”

[Caller] “It was 10am Friday morning. I was sipping my coffee and I’d just started my annual compliance courses. I don’t know how long I’d been in the course when I started hearing a soft… no, loud, clicking sound. When I looked up I saw a bright, flashing graphic shaped like a rounded rectangle. I remember seeing a group of unidentified fly-in objectives animate in a circular pattern over the slide. A synthetic voice was repeating “click next to continue,” but I was frozen—it all seemed so far away. All I could think was, “When will this be over?” And then it was over. I was back in my cubicle, at my computer, like nothing had happened.”

Paranoid learners? “Think again,” says e-learning courseologist Art Belles-Wistles. “We now have conclusive evidence that unintelligent e-learning life exists in corporate training programs around the globe.”

But you can protect your learners from instructional probing, content mutations, and invasive exams and quizzes. Beam over to E-Learning Heroes for 100k+ shining stars whose out-of-this-world insights will guide you through the most challenging projects and repair alien intrusions to your work. See how:

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