Weekly Recap: Boost Your Course Esteem

Written by David Anderson — Posted in Community

Are you concerned about pesky imperfections lingering in your course? Hasty development, SME neglect, and prolonged LMS exposure are just a few of the reasons designers put their courses under the knife.

The good news is that you have a number of less-invasive options available that don’t require full-course reconstruction. Cosmetic changes like text reduction, template reshaping, graphic peels, and test augmentation are just a few ways to revitalize your material and boost your course esteem.

Don’t be fooled by e-learning quacks. At E-Learning Heroes, you have a community of expert practitioners willing to give objective feedback and helpful advice. No appointment necessary, all coverages accepted, and there’s never any charge for your consultation.

Every course deserves the opportunity to become its best self. Take a look back at last week’s inspiring nips and tucks, including style guides, user freebies, design competitions, and more:

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