Weekly Recap: E-Learning Talk with the Articulate Community

Written by David Anderson — Posted in Community

Weekly Recap: E-Learning Talk with the Articulate Community

It’s Monday, and that means another week chock full of the most aromatic e-learning insights shared in the Articulate Community.

Whether your learners need an instant fix or a gourmet blend, your objective remains the same: infuse your e-brew with clean, innovative flavor that doesn’t leave your learners jittery.

So the next time a project grinds to a halt, goes stale and bitter, or leaves you feeling a little verklempt, talk amongst your fellow community members. From pre-roasted graphics and instant templates to smooth interactions and unfiltered insights, the e-learning baristas are buzzing with ideas to help you brew your best cup—course after course.

For even more satisfying goodness, check out these full-bodied tips shared over the past week:

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