Weekly Recap: Game-changing Discoveries from the Articulate Community

Written by David Anderson — Posted in Community

Weekly Recap: Game-changing Discoveries from the Articulate Community

Did you see the news last week about the Belgian doctors who discovered a new ligament in the human knee? Evidently this ligament was there all along but doctors never saw it. The discovery will be a “game-changer for injured athletes.”

While breakthroughs like this don’t happen often in the medical world, they happen every single day in the Articulate community when e-learning designers discover amazing tips, tricks and techniques for building better courses.

The best part is: to open up these e-learning secrets, you don’t need a scalpel, microscope, or seven years of medical school. Just run, walk, or limp over to E-Learning Heroes and tell the community folks what you’re looking for. The community will kick around some ideas to get your e-learning project up to full strength. It’s that easy.

Discover your own e-learning breakthroughs by checking out the game-changing tips and insights shared over the past week:

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