Weekly Recap: Get Your E-Learning On with These Insights from the Articulate Community

Written by David Anderson — Posted in Community

Get Your E-Learning On with These Insights

Formative vs. summative? Pedagogy vs. andragogy? Formal vs. informal? Flipped classrooms? Bloom vs. Gagne vs. Werner? Huh?!?

When you’re first getting started in e-learning, it’s easy to be confused — and daunted — by the terms floating around the online training industry. It’s hard to sift through the theories, styles, and expert opinions to get to the heart of what you really need to know.

Really, though, there are some e-learning basics everyone should learn, regardless of the type of e-learning you need to create. That’s where your E-Learning Heroes can help.

Day in and day out, your fellow community members share practical tips for building better e-learning courses. Every Monday, we highlight the Articulate community’s best tutorials, conversations, blog posts and bits shared on Twitter.

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