Weekly Recap: Get Your E-learning Show on the Road

Written by David Anderson — Posted in Community

Get Your E-learning Show on the Road

Are we there yet? How much longer? Where are we?

If your e-learning projects are running out of gas or losing direction, it’s probably time to ask the Articulate community for help. The skilled course drivers can help you navigate e-learning traffic jams, detours, roadkill and unscheduled pit stops to get your project to its learning destination quickly and easily.

Sometimes, it’s a flat SME or client that hangs up your progress, and you have to change it up quickly. Thank goodness you can call in the Articulate community— they’ll roll up with their bright ideas in tow and get your project back on smooth roads in no time.

And remember: whether your e-learning course is a day-trip or road-trip, don’t leave home without the trip advice and courseside protection from E-Learning Heroes. Available 24/7, they’re always just a click away. Check out these e-learning points of interest course drivers like you shared this past week:

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