Weekly Recap: Rejuvenate Tired E-learning with Help from the Articulate Community

Written by David Anderson — Posted in Community

Image redness? Puffy scenarios? Dark circles, rectangles, or parallelograms? If your e-learning is showing signs of aging, it may be time for some deep-cleaning treatments from E-Learning Heroes.

The Articulate community goes beyond superficial corrections by offering practical remedies. Simply apply a few tips and suggestions as needed. Within no time your projects will reveal a new-found playfulness that engages learners with meaningful interactions.

Check out last week’s treatments below:

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2 responses to “Weekly Recap: Rejuvenate Tired E-learning with Help from the Articulate Community”


Very creative metaphor as to how the E-learning Heroes community can help your courses look young again. It’s got me wanting to re-read Atkinson’s Beyond Bullet Points. Thanks for taking the time to create it.

Daniel Brigham // Posted at 11:58 am on April 26th, 2013

Thanks, Daniel.

David Anderson // Posted at 3:36 pm on April 29th, 2013

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