Weekly Recap: Safeguard Your E-Learning Material

Written by David Anderson — Posted in Community

Safeguard Your E-Learning

Sometimes, when you take your e-learning out to play, does it get soaked through with course requirements? Do stained scenarios make the make it appear dull and worn? Your project deserves better protection from rough and dirty e-learning elements out there. That’s why you need to safeguard your course with a community of experts that keeps the inspiration in and the chaos out, so your course looks and feels fresh all over.

Protecting your course is easy: apply one or more coats of E-Learning Heroes to your projects anytime during initiation or development. The Articulate community provides an instant barrier from SME spillage, harmful bullets, and unwanted client changes.

It’s a win-win: Not only will your courses look and perform their best, your learners will learn easier knowing the course is sealed and protected with the backing of the Articulate community.

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