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Welcome to Word of Mouth – The Articulate Blog! My name is Gabe Anderson and I’ll be your host.

We here at Articulate are very excited about this new blog and hope it proves to be a valuable resource for you, our customers.

The goal of this blog is twofold:

  1. Provide you with an informal, community connection to Articulate.
  2. Allow us to share insight with you about our products, our customers, our industry.

We hope to achieve these goals by posting here regularly on topics such as announcements, articulate, customer spotlights, industry news, resources, tips ‘n tricks, and tutorials. Each entry will be filed into one or more of these categories and you’ll easily be able to visit and bookmark the category pages corresponding to your favorite topics. Take a look in the sidebar for the categories (more will appear as I write on new topics).

We invite and encourage commentary on any of the topics we cover here. To comment, simply click the “Comments” link at the end of any post, and your input will be added to the blog entry in question. You’ll notice that a name and email address are required to post. We respect your privacy and will not display your email address on the site, nor will we send you any unsolicited email. Requiring an email address is simply a way for us to cut down on “comment spam.” This blog is as much your forum as it is ours, so please, tell us what you think!

If you’d rather not post your comments publicly, but still want to send us your thoughts, please use the contact form. We’d love to hear from you.

Please also drop us a line if you’re interested in being profiled in a customer spotlight, or in sharing a story with us about how you’ve used Articulate Presenter.

We hope you enjoy this new forum. I look forward to the dialogue!

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