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free illustrations

Rise 360 is a great application to create e-learning. It’s form-based so it’s easy to use. Pull all of your instructional content together. Then go into Rise 360, select from dozens of various content blocks, and add your content.

Super easy. No programming required and because of the way it works, it doesn’t require any design work.

But what do you do if you want some graphics or illustrations to go with your Rise 360 courses?

Check out these open source illustrations from They look nice and they’re free to use for commercial projects. You can download PNG or SVG versions of the illustrations.

free illustrations

Here’s why I think these free illustrations work well with Rise 360.

  • In Rise 360, you set a core accent color.

free illustrations for Rise 360

  • In unDraw, you set an accent color.

free illustrations for unDraw

  • Use the same accent colors for the Rise 360 course and the unDraw illustrations and they look like they belong together.
  • The illustrations are editable if you use an SVG editor. And because they’re open source you can customize them to your hearts desire.

Here’s an example where I matched the accent color in Rise 360 with the free illustrations from unDraw.

free illustration example

If you need some quick, easy-to-use free illustrations to complement your Rise 360 courses, then give these a try.


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