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The Rapid E-Learning Blog - 25 more free display graphics

In a previous post, I share 15 free display graphics that are commonly seen in elearning courses.  In today’s post, I’m adding a few more.

The cool thing is that all of these are created in PowerPoint; so you can learn to build your own.  The steps are simple.  They’re generally just rectangles with some sort of fill.  Then right-click on the graphic and save as an image.

Free Chalkboard and Whiteboards

The Rapid E-Learning Blog - free chalkboard and whiteboard graphics

I offered these in a post about a year ago where I showed how to create the display boards and included links to some free fonts that would work well with these displays.

The Rapid E-Learning Blog - free chalkboard assets

If you’re going to use the chalkboards, be sure to download the free chalkboard assets to go with them.

Flipchart Display

Here are two versions of the flipchart display.  One has legs the other doesn’t.  The legs take up extra room, so I prefer the version with no legs because it gives you more screen space.  But if you use a full body character, then the legs version makes sense.

The Rapid E-Learning Blog - free flip chart graphics

Clipboard Display

The clipboard’s great for checklists or going over a linear flow of information.  Make sure to download the hand-drawn boxes and check marks to go with the clipboard display.

The Rapid E-Learning Blog - free clipboard graphic

Personnel Folder

Take the folder that I shared in this post and combine it with the paper from the clipboard above to create a personnel folder for your compliance training.

The Rapid E-Learning Blog - free personnel folder graphic

Bonus Displays

One of the things I love about the elearning community is the willingness to share.  Recently, community member Efrat Maor shared a bunch of displays and free PowerPoint templates that she created.  They’re pretty cool.

The Rapid E-Learning Blog - free community PowerPoint file

If you want the PowerPoint templates to make modifications to the graphics above, you’ll find them in the PowerPoint templates section here.

Hope you enjoy the free graphics and PowerPoint templates.  Feel free to use them as you wish.  And thanks to Efrat for sharing hers.


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I love these. I recently completed a course on fume hoods and biosafety cabinet. The theme was Vent Week in the lab. I used the white board, chalkboard, corkboard for messages, e-mail background for messages from the researcher in charge, and a drop down screen for the videos. If I had more time, I would have loved to have the switch that turned the lights off for the videos. These are great! Thanks, Tom, for your inspirational ideas!

Hi, Tom:

Read the blog every week. Be great if you swung into Denver sometime. We have a fairly active community of e-learning pros.

Btw, in addition to the Horton, what other e-learning books to you often turn to?

Thanks so much, Daniel

We started compiling a list of good books in the community. BTW, I’ll be in Denver for ASTD ICE and just chatted with someone yesterday about coming in the fall.

October 11th, 2011

Thanks Tom. Free Graphics like this are much appreciated. I teach an eLearning course and one of the biggest challenges my students face at the start is getting the right look and feel and just don’t know where to start with templates, graphics etc. You have made a lot of Aussie eLearners very happy!

Love your work!!! Thank you

October 14th, 2011

THANK YOU!!! I so appreciate this site.This is news I need to know.

Hi Tom, thanks again for a great posting. I save all your posts in a dedicated folder so that I can dip into things and get some inspiration when I swtart running out of ideas!

I have a question though that maybe you could help with. An organisation I have done some work for cannot use Flash on its intranet due to bandwidth limitations. However,they want a PowerPoint e-learning package to be made SCORM compliant. Do you know if this is possible, and if all the PP interactivity and animation would be saved?

Even more thanks

@John: If they keep the file in PPT, then my guess is the strain on bandwidth is more than a PPT to Flash product that breaks it up into smaller pieces (assuming it’s not all one big .swf). An interactive PPT file is usually much larger than one converted to Flash. There are some SCORM products that you can use with PPT, can’t think of any off the top of my head, though.