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The Rapid E-Learning Blog: become a PowerPoint 2010 rock star

These are the links and resources referenced in my Training Magazine presentation on January 20, 2011.

PowerPoint Resources

Books to Help You

  • Non-Designer’s Design Book: If there is only one book to buy, it’s this one.  You’ll learn all of the basics about typography and visual design.
  • Beyond Bullet Points: Great tips to help organize your content whether presentation or rapid elearning.
  • Better the Bullet Points. Practical tips on using PowerPoint.
  • Slide:ology: Great book on visual design concepts and how to craft better presentations.  They have some good examples of branded templates that do work.
  • Presentation Zen: This book is very similar to slide:ology and will help you learn to communicate better with your slides.  I haven’t read it yet, but his new book is supposed to be good.
  • Back of the Napkin: Great book on organizing ideas and visual communication.
  • Various PowerPoint books: Tufte is a critic of the poor use of PowerPoint.  He offers a lot of good information on how to present complex data.  There are also all sorts of good how-to PowerPoint books.

Previous PowerPoint Presentation

The Rapid E-Learning Blog: Don't let the experts tell you PowerPoint sucks

Tutorials Relevant to the Presentation

The Rapid E-Learning Blog: example of a PowerPoint video inserted in a rapid elearning course

Click here to view the demo.

The video in the presenter panel was created in PowerPoint 2010 and published to .wmv.  From there it was converted to .flv and inserted in the elearning course.

Here’s a good starter tutorial on how to do this.


Free E-Learning Resources

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