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Here are some links and resources shared in the presentation I did for the Training Magazine Network on August 18, 2010.

PowerPoint Tutorials


The Rapid E-Learning Blog - PowerPoint books

  • Non-Designer’s Design Book: If there is only one book to buy, it’s this one.  You’ll learn all of the basics about typography and visual design.
  • Beyond Bullet Points: Great tips to help organize your content whether presentation or rapid elearning.
  • Better the Bullet Points. Practical tips on using PowerPoint.
  • Slide:ology: Great book on visual design concepts and how to craft better presentations.  They have some good examples of branded templates that do work.
  • Presentation Zen: This book is very similar to slide:ology and will help you learn to communicate better with your slides.  I haven’t read it yet, but his new book is supposed to be good.
  • Back of the Napkin: Great book on organizing ideas and visual communication.
  • Various PowerPoint books: Tufte is a critic of the poor use of PowerPoint.  He offers a lot of good information on how to present complex data.  There are also all sorts of good how-to PowerPoint books.

Screenr Heroes

Get all sorts of cool tips and tricks from these people on Screenr.  All of the tutorials are under 5 minutes long.  Follow via RSS or Twitter.

And many more…

Free PowerPoint Templates via The Rapid E-Learning Blog

The Rapid E-Learning Blog - iterations for elearning PowerPoint template

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