239 Tips for Producing Flash-Based e-Learning Content


You might recall the plug I gave back in February to submit your authoring tips for inclusion in a new ebook. Well, guess what?

Yup, The eLearning Guild has released the free ebook, 239 Tips for Producing and Managing Flash-based e-Learning Content, and in it you’ll find 6 pages of Articulate-focused authoring tips submitted by our customers on making the most of our tools.


A total of 147 members responded to the survey, contributing 239 usable tips on 28 products. The tips range in length from one-sentence ideas all the way up to multi-page discourses. Some are very basic in nature, and others are quite advanced.

A quick reference guide for jumping right to the Articulate tips:

  • Pages 56-60: Articulate Presenter & Engage
  • Page 61: Articulate Rapid E-Learning Studio & Studio Pro

Here’s a sample tip from page 56 of The eLearning Guild’s 239 Tips for Producing and Managing Flash-based e-Learning Content:

USE ENGAGE TO SAVE TIME — In this day of rapid development and tight deadlines, efficiency is everything. Flash is a fantastic tool, but Articulate Engage can make nice-looking, functional animations in a fraction of the time. Use Engage where you can to save time, and use Flash for more customized and complicated animations. Tipster: Steve Johnson

Enjoy! And thanks to everyone who contributed to this resource.

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