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New Features in Articulate Studio ’13 Update 3


It’s here! One of our most feature-rich updates to Articulate Studio ’13 is now available. We’ve added a ton of new features and enhancements to help you create great e-learning experiences, faster and easier than ever. (See all the free features we’ve added since releasing Articulate Studio ’13.) Here’s a snapshot of the latest improvements: […]

Deliver Content to All Your Learners with Articulate Studio ’13 Update 2


Articulate Studio ’13 Update 2 is now available! It includes Section 508 support, new translation features, enhanced HTML5 output, and more. Make Content Accessible Studio ’13 now features industry-leading Section 508 support, making it easy to deliver content to all your learners, including those with screen readers. You can also make content available to learners […]

Meet the New Engage ’13 Interactions!


The last few weeks have been exciting here at Articulate! We’re super pumped about the Articulate Studio ’13 release and all the awesome new features it has to offer. Today I want to highlight the cool new interaction types available in Articulate Engage ’13. They sure live up to the program’s name: they literally engage […]

Articulate Studio ’13 Available Now


We’re very excited to announce that we’ve released Articulate Studio ’13. It’s packed full of new features that’ll make your job remarkably easier and your learners even happier. Faster Authoring, Richer Learning We put serious attention into Studio ’13 user interfaces and workflows so that you can work faster, with fewer clicks. For example, you […]

Studio ’09 Update 9


You may find that your learning management system (LMS) isn’t tracking and reporting on Articulate Studio ’09 content when it’s viewed in Internet Explorer 10. To address this issue, we’ve released Update 9 for Studio ’09. To publish content that works with Internet Explorer 10: Download and install Articulate Studio ’09 Update 9. Content you […]

How Seton Hall University Grew an Online Learning Platform


Seton Hall University’s technology-forward outlook made it seem like they had the tech boom wired—or wireless, as the case may be. Since the 1990s, they’ve given each and every student a laptop to make sure they can stay connected anytime, anywhere. Students love the Mobile Computing Program, which sponsors the gadgets and connections that harmoniously […]

Try These 3 Easy Ideas for Using Articulate Engage to Build Interactive Content


Does your content feel text-heavy? Is it riddled with bullet points? If you want to distill your content into a single, explorable screen, try a go-to solution for many course developers: a Labeled Graphic in Articulate Engage ’09. A Labeled Graphic is simple to build: you just import an image and insert clickable labels anywhere […]

Edit Your Course’s Audio with an Easy Tool You Already Own: the Articulate Audio Editor


Does this sound familiar? You’ve built your course slides, you’ve added your audio, you’re previewing your finished product…and you notice some things about the narration you’d like to change. Maybe there are a few too many “ums,” or dead air at the start or end of some slides. Or maybe some parts of your audio […]

Notorious ex-hacker jolts learners into changing behavior in this scary, highly effective security training course.


Learn more about this course You click on a PDF your CEO emails to you even though you’ve never received an email from her before. But what the heck, your computer’s virus protection is up to date and you’re curious. No harm done, right? Wrong. You could be opening the door to a hacker wreaking […]

Troubleshooting LMS Issues


If your organization is like most, you need to track and report on learner activity. And when you use Articulate software to author e-learning, publishing courses to a learning management system (LMS) is really easy. But sometimes your course doesn’t behave as expected with your LMS. Why? More often than not it’s because each LMS implements tracking […]

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