New Features in Articulate Studio ’13 Update 3


It’s here! One of our most feature-rich updates to Articulate Studio ’13 is now available. We’ve added a ton of new features and enhancements to help you create great e-learning experiences, faster and easier than ever. (See all the free features we’ve added since releasing Articulate Studio ’13.) Here’s a snapshot of the latest improvements:

Create content with 64-bit Microsoft Office.
Articulate Studio ’13 now features 64-bit Microsoft Office support, letting you take full advantage of your 64-bit system.

Publish picture-perfect MP4 videos.
We’ve added support for uncompressed MP4 videos in published output, so they’ll always look exactly the way you want.

Improve HTML5 performance and output.
Enhanced HTML5 publishing includes support for notes formatting as well as restricted and locked navigation, giving you more control over how learners experience mobile courses.

Give your embedded videos, Flash files, and web objects a polished look. 
You can now easily edit the properties of an embedded video, Flash file, or web object without removing and reinserting it.

Use slide masters to blend interactions seamlessly into your courses.
With closer integration between Articulate Presenter and Articulate Engage, you can now show PowerPoint slide masters behind embedded interactions to give your course a consistent design.

Put the most important actions first.
We’ve improved right-to-left language support by reversing Articulate Studio’s previous and next player buttons. Now, the primary action—next—is on the left for right-to-left language courses.

More Improvements
With this update, we’ve also:

  • Boosted translation export and import performance for larger courses
  • Optimized the slide properties manager so it opens faster, especially for bigger projects
  • Removed border padding from sidebar videos

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Read the Release Notes
Review the full version history for Articulate Studio ’13, or read the release notes on features and fixes for these Articulate Studio ’13 products:


12 responses to “New Features in Articulate Studio ’13 Update 3”


This is a wonderful update, Articulate. I’m downloading now and going to use it right away. Thanks as always for making me look so good.

Jesse Holcolmb // Posted at 12:12 pm on July 22nd, 2014

When do we get HTML5 support for restricted and locked navigation in Storyline?
That was driving me CRAZY

Alex Covan // Posted at 8:54 pm on July 22nd, 2014

Looks great! Studio was the first e-learning program I ever used, so I’m always happy to see new updates!

Tim Slade // Posted at 9:38 am on July 29th, 2014

Love the updates. Just installed it but have not used all the features described here. I can’t wait to use the master slide option that was just udpated.

Khanh // Posted at 2:43 pm on July 31st, 2014

Products not showing as updated on ‘About’ screen after installing this update. Still showing as ‘Update 2’.

Carlos Mascote // Posted at 4:39 pm on August 1st, 2014

How is Android Support coming along?

Courtney // Posted at 12:44 pm on August 4th, 2014

I like the idea of showing ppt masters behind the interactions. I viewed the video about five times, followed the three steps, but did not see any change when I previewed the interaction.

Jim Schoemer // Posted at 10:29 am on August 14th, 2014

Hi Jim,

You may want to review the information in this article on how to set this up: and you’ll want to ensure you have downloaded Update 3 of Studio ’13.

If you’re still having difficulty with it, we’ll want to take a look at your files and we’ll need you to send us a Presenter package and upload it here:

Hope that helps!

Ashley Terwilliger // Posted at 2:31 pm on August 14th, 2014

Hi Courtney,

We don’t announce dates or timelines for future releases and updates. If there is a particular feature you’d like to see in a future update, please share your thoughts here:

These go to our product development team for review. Hope that helps!

Ashley Terwilliger // Posted at 3:30 pm on August 14th, 2014

Hi Carlos,

If you’re not seeing it listed as Update 3, I’d first want to have you close any open Studio programs and restart your computer. If the behavior persists, can you please connect with our Support engineers so that they can take a look at what’s occurring?


Ashley Terwilliger // Posted at 3:32 pm on August 14th, 2014

hi Articulate,
I have recently bought a copy of Storyline and so far i am impressed with it. However, i didnt expect the font to look blurry when i published the file, same with the images i imported into the course.

Is Articulate going to address this and get it fix in the next release?
Looking forward to your response

John Toh

John Toh // Posted at 7:17 pm on August 19th, 2014

Hi John,
I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying Storyline so far, and you may have seen while searching through the Heroes community forums that other users have reported similar issues with text quality upon publish. It is something that we’ve reported to our Quality Assurance team for review, and I don’t have information to share on if/when it would be included in the next release or update.
If you’d like us to take a look at your .story file to see if there is something else occurring within the file, please share it with our Support engineers here:


Ashley Terwilliger // Posted at 10:17 am on September 11th, 2014

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