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When I first envisioned this post, the focus was going to be a tutorial about how to add an Engage interaction to Presenter as either a slide or a tab (now that you know about all the creative ways you can use Engage). But then I just started to have fun creating the below example — so much so that I think the example itself has become the focus of this entry.

And what better way to describe the point than by putting it to practice?

So here you have it — a mini-course on Articulate Support Offerings, which includes a couple Engage interactions as slides, along with an Engage drop-down tab.


How’d I do this? Easy.

I combined the power of Presenter with the power of Engage. The following screenshots tell the rest of the story:

Select Articulate Engage Interactions from the Articulate menu:


Create New or Add Existing Engage interaction to your course:


Click Interaction Tabs, then Create New or Add Existing to manage tab interactions:


Manage Engage interactions in PowerPoint via the Properties & Edit in Engage buttons:


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Your demo is only for PC users and not for Mac users. Are there any plans for making it available to Mac users?

Thanks for your help
Stephan Hawranick Serra

stephan HAWRANICK SERRA // Posted at 3:24 am on November 24th, 2006

Hi Stephan-

Content created with Articulate products can be viewed on any platform, but the authoring tools can currently only be used on PCs. We have not announced any plans for Mac versions of our tools.

Gabe Anderson // Posted at 9:29 am on November 27th, 2006

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