“Best Customer Service I Have Ever Received”

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kathy.jpg Kathy Hartman sent us feature request #00061292 on Monday, June 18, 2007. Kathy had lots of ideas for what she wanted to do with our software — customize the look of the Articulate Player, allow students to review key content, create course branching for users to go down a particular path based on feedback — but didn’t think it was possible. So I sent Kathy an email with some ideas for how she could make her vision a reality. I also sent her some links that illustrated some of the things she was looking to do (lose the PowerPoint look; create course branching).

Kathy, the owner of YourTrainingPlace.com, had been a participant in our forums, but she was shy about asking questions there. So she was overwhelmed with delight when I personally responded to her inquiry and got her going in the right direction.

Kathy writes:

My vocabulary for this new field of endeavor is still pretty limited. I know what I want to do, but I don’t have the words for it. Your emails did the trick. You responded with encouragement and help. You somehow were able to understand what I needed. I have grown from preparing static PowerPoints to creating sophisticated branching, immersive scenarios, in about three weeks.

I share Kathy’s story because it illustrates Articulate’s commitment to the customer experience. Along with our product development team, I read every product feature suggestion that comes in. Many of my colleagues and I read and actively participate in our community forums. And I do ongoing reviews of our support case activity to ensure you’re getting timely responses of the highest quality.

Kathy continues:

My head swims with so much praise for the Articulate community that I hardly know where to start. How can I say that the customer service I have received from Articulate is THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER RECEIVED? Your great customer service has made me a customer for life.

When you become an Articulate customer, you’re not just buying a product from us, then left on your own to figure out how to use it. You’re investing in great software, yes, but you’re also becoming part of the Articulate Community and benefiting from our fierce commitment to customer support. We want to help you reach your project objectives and become an elearning hero.

Kathy concludes:

I purchased a competitor’s suite last summer. I have taken numerous classes and I still struggle with the programs. They are powerful, they do amazing things, but they are incredibly hard.

When it came time to purchase the e-learning suite, I asked myself: What do you want to do? Spend another six months going to class to try to figure out how to use this other software? Or do you want to begin creating e-learning experiences? Articulate is so much easier to use. I truly think that is because of the terrific customer service you provide and the wonderful community you have created.

I love Articulate!

Thanks for the very kind words, Kathy, and for letting us share your story!

When you offer amazing products and an excellent customer experience, people are happy to say really nice things. We have a whole page of customer testimonials on our site, and a couple years ago I would collect comments and blog them every other month or so. But Kathy’s story really struck a chord with me, so I thought it was worthy of a dedicated blog post.

Do you have your own story? Let me know!

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