Target Retools Employee Training With Articulate

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target logo Last week I posted a blog entry about how using a blended learning approach in academia can earn students better grades. This week I bring you a case study on a blended learning approach in the corporate world — as employed by the Target Corporation.

Michael Sunnarborg Michael Sunnarborg, Sr. Training Specialist with Target Corporation Training & Development, was kind enough to create this case study about his organization’s use of Articulate Presenter in powering blended learning solutions for its employees. In it, you’ll hear Michael talk about how “Articulate Presenter has given us the ability to quickly and easily reengineer instructor-led classes into dynamic and creative blended solutions.”

Other highlights from the case study, which you’ll hear Michael discuss:

The (classroom-based) class consisted of 4 hours of instruction and over 120 PowerPoint slides — our learners were on content overload. We wanted to create just-in-time reference materials that could be accessible outside of class.

In addition, packaging the presentation into compressed Flash files made deployment and uploading to our LMS quick and easy. With the blended solution, learners first complete the e-Learning module on our LMS. Upon completion, they can register for the tools workshop. This facilitated coaching session provides hands-on practice of the tools and processes covered in the module. The workshop gives the learner an opportunity to “try and apply” the new tools as well as ask questions.

Target Case StudyView the Target Corporation Case StudySo how have Target employees responded to the blended approach?

The response to this blended solution has been very favorable, and learners have found the experience to be less complicated and easier to apply to their job.

Target also appreciates the ease of updating training content for employees:

Another big win of using Articulate Presenter is that the content can be easily updated and refreshed as processes and procedures change. This is especially valuable in the global training field where content may need to be customized to reflect cultural or contextual differences. Our learners like Articulate because it allows them to access content at multiple levels whether it be by individual module chapter, through links, or via our company LMS.

Thanks to Articulate Presenter for giving us at Target Corporation the ability to quickly and easily reengineer instructor-led classes into dynamic and creative blended solutions.

And thanks to you, Michael, for sharing your experience with us!

Have a case study you’d like to share with us about your Articulate-powered training program? Let me know.

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This is an excellent post! A great way to apply blended learning. We are also using articulate products for creating our elearning modules in the company. But our elearning is served as a separate training which doesn’t lead to a proper workshop or training. Since we have the tools and resources, it would be better if we could blend both of them to have a continuous learning. “A Target Case Study” is a good example that our company needs to follow.

Francess // Posted at 6:51 am on April 13th, 2008

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