Insperity Builds 72 Sales Training Modules in Three Months with Articulate Storyline

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As a leading provider of human resources and business solutions, Insperity has to clear a lot of hurdles every day to stay competitive. Training is critical for their sales team—but there was a constant tension between time spent on training and time spent in front of prospective clients. So when Insperity’s sales training team saw the opportunity to optimize on both fronts with mobile-enabled training, they jumped on it.

Videos enhance scenario-based training on effective sales calls.

The trouble was, their sales training curriculum included 50+ online modules created for desktop computers, not for mobile devices. And in early 2012, there weren’t many software programs that could convert these to mobile while maintaining tracking capabilities in Insperity’s learning management system (LMS). “We tested a few e-publishing software tools on the market, but nothing could deliver HTML5 content effectively,” says Tony Isaac, Instructional Design (ID) Supervisor for the Sales Performance Improvement team at Insperity.

Then, Insperity’s ID team heard about Articulate Storyline. As soon as the software was released, the team got down to business reworking the Flash modules into courses that Insperity’s Business Performance Advisors (BPAs) could take on the road. Tony explains, “Because it was so easy to use, we were developing in no time. Storyline was intuitive, powerful, and had all the multimedia pieces we needed.”

BPAs complete interactive modules to learn about the range of business performance solutions Insperity provides.

Insperity’s existing PowerPoint content contained rich animations, which they didn’t want to lose in the new mobile versions. “Importing those modules with the animations intact was key—and Storyline made that really easy,” recalls Tony. “We also took advantage of Storyline to create new interactive modules that added depth and breadth to our training library.”

Interactive games familiarize BPAs with the variety of benefits packages Insperity offers.

While the ID team was knee-deep in development, they discovered a tremendous resource: the Articulate community. “The E-Learning Heroes forum is a HUGE benefit. Unlike other forums out there, the Articulate community of users is great and so easy to navigate,” says Tony. “With tips, best practices, expert advice, and quick responses to our questions on E-Learning Heroes, we were able to develop our modules faster and more efficiently than ever.”

Thanks to Storyline and the support of E-Learning Heroes, Tony’s team made fantastic progress converting Insperity’s modules into mobile courses—and creating new ones. Within three months of Insperity’s decision to offer mobile training, the ID team launched 72 mobile Storyline courses, including 18 brand-new ones.

Offering mobile learning has totally changed Insperity’s approach to training. BPAs can now log into Insperity’s secure LMS and view Storyline courses from anywhere. “Because we are able to provide a more flexible way for our BPAs to learn, they can now spend more time in front of prospective clients since they’re no longer strapped to a PC in the office,” notes Tony. “And more time in front of prospects means more revenue-generating opportunities for Insperity.”

5 responses to “Insperity Builds 72 Sales Training Modules in Three Months with Articulate Storyline”


This is a very nice achievement. How many people in the Instructional Design (ID) Supervisor for the Sales Performance Improvement team to accomplish this feat?
I too am working on a similar project and am not getting the numbers that you did. Maybe I need more staff?



Al Rose // Posted at 11:13 am on February 14th, 2014

This is an excellent case study of how using the right tool with the right people can produce outstanding results. Can you tell me how many people in the Insperity development team were working on this to achieve this outcome?

John Winter // Posted at 4:14 pm on February 14th, 2014

To answer the questions above, the ID team consists of 4 members including myself.

Tony Isaac // Posted at 11:24 pm on March 4th, 2014

Hey guys!

I am currently on the ID team with Tony. At the time there was only 2 IDs working on that project.
We have grown a little since then.

Let us know if you have any other questions!


Rijel Crow // Posted at 4:31 pm on March 5th, 2014

Did you have all of your content in Articulate 13 and then just imported it into Storyline? How much time did that take and did your interactions still work when you did this?

Elizabeth // Posted at 3:03 am on March 12th, 2014

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