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Just Released! Articulate Storyline 2 Available Now


Storyline 2 is now available! With more than 26 new features and enhancements, you’ll get more ways to bring content to life, more control over how your courses look and behave, and more tools to boost productivity. More Ways to Bring Content to Life With the dramatically enhanced HTML5 support and new Android support in […]

Interactive Screenshots in Articulate Storyline


If you’re trying to teach your learners about software, products, or applications, a great way to highlight features and functionality is to use interactive screenshots. With interactive screenshots, you orient learners with a big-picture view of an application’s interface, then let them drill down into the details for a particular menu or panel. They’re easy […]

3 Ways Poster Frames Create More Inviting E-Learning Videos


E-learning videos come in many forms—from talking heads and software demos to screencasts, simulations, quizzes, and more. Video is one of the most compelling ways to communicate emotion with authenticity. Frame by frame, videos show what images and words can’t. The first thing learners see about your video is its static cover frame. That single […]

Syncing Animations with Cue Points in Articulate Storyline


Well-synchronized audio and animation can give learners that smooth flow you want in your course. To synchronize them perfectly, try the cue points feature in Articulate Storyline. Let’s take a look at how easy it is to use cue points to deliver a seamless multimedia experience to your learners. What are cue points? Cue points […]

Localize Content with Articulate Storyline Update 1


Articulate Storyline Update 1 is now available! It includes a new translation feature, Tin Can API support, enhanced HTML5 output, and more. Translate Courses with Ease It’s now simple to localize your content for learners anywhere. With Articulate Storyline Update 1, you can export all text in your course—including text on slides, notes, and the player—to […]

Articulate Storyline Tutorials


Listed below are recent Articulate Storyline tutorials made by your fellow Storyline users in the Articulate Community. The list comes from a Diigo bookmark feed and is updated frequently. You might also like to check out the Articulate Storyline tutorials at E-Learning Heroes. Want to stay on top of new tutorials as they’re added here? […]

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