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Rhonda Goetz, Instructional Designer with Chrome Zebra, uses Articulate Presenter and Articulate QuizMaker to author training content and assessments for corporations, institutions, and individuals.


“Chrome Zebra designs courses to address all learning styles, provide interactivity and continual assessment,” writes Goetz. “To accomplish this goal, we use a variety of software. So I needed a solution that could handle a variety of outputs, worked with PowerPoint AND supported the advanced features in PowerPoint, maintained voice quality, creates only a small learning curve, compressed into a manageable size and converted everything to Flash. I searched high and low, tried every demo from open source to full-blown course management software. None of them met my needs.”

“Then I found Articulate Presenter,” Goetz continued.

Articulate handles all of our instructional design needs: maintains the timing and custom animation in PowerPoint (no other software does this!), imports Web activities, Flash animations, converts voice and maintains the quality, and integrates with the Articulate Quizmaker program. Our trademark is ‘Courses of a Different Color.’ Articulate helps maintain the truth in that statement. A great instructional design tool!”

We’re very happy that Articulate software is helping Chrome Zebra meet its business needs in delivering Web-based training to its students.

View Chrome Zebra’s Introduction to Networking Demo Learning Unit

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