Engage | Spotlight on FAQ Interaction

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This is Part 8 of an 11-part series on Engage Interaction Types – More Than Meets the Eye.

One of the features inherent in the Engage FAQ interaction that makes it stand out from the others as a favorite among customers is its search functionality. Despite how much content you include in your FAQ interaction, your users can always find exactly what they’re looking for.

Engage | Spotlight on FAQ Interaction


The Engage FAQ interaction provides a framework for presenting your content to your users in a horizontal, top-to-bottom layout. From standard Frequently Asked Questions for your organization to promoting an upcoming event, you can get really creative with how you leverage this flexible interaction type.

Here are some other ideas for how you might use the FAQ interaction:

  • A directory/biography of training personnel or instructor resources with photos or videos
  • A digital book or product training manual broken up by chapter or lesson
  • An outline of what’s to be expected on each day of the upcoming retreat or ILT course
  • Additional or supporting HR resources for new employees
  • A guide of library rooms and the technology in each
  • An overview of how to set up a blog — tool options, hosting considerations, etc.
  • Highlight new product features

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5 responses to “Engage | Spotlight on FAQ Interaction”


I am working in Engage FAQ’s. It appears that I can use two lines for the question. How can I get my question to “word wrap” so the entire question is visable?

Cheryl // Posted at 3:38 pm on August 24th, 2007

Hi Cheryl-

Currently, the FAQ does not permit more than one line of text to be displayed, so you might consider submitting a feature request for this.

gabe // Posted at 4:17 pm on August 29th, 2007

Hi Cheryl/Gabe,

I have done some R&D and find out that on the question input box you need to do a Shift+Enter to insert your second line of text.

Let me know if you’re getting the same effect with this technique.


Siba Prasad // Posted at 5:55 am on November 3rd, 2009

I have uploaded a .jpg into the FAQ interaction and have published it on a website. Once on the website, the picture is small and then when I click on the magnifying glass, the picture completely disappears! Can you please suggest what I might be doing wrong? Thanks!

Aimee Christian // Posted at 3:50 pm on September 27th, 2010

Hi Aimee,

I apologize for the issues that you’re having. Would you please submit a support case to us so that we can take a closer look at the issue?


Brian Batt // Posted at 12:50 pm on October 14th, 2010

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