Engage | Spotlight on Guided Image

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This is Part 10 of an 11-part series on Engage Interaction Types – More Than Meets the Eye.

Do you have a diagram, a chart, or an image that needs a detailed explanation? Do you want to guide your users through the various parts of the image to explain key components? Enter the Engage Guided Image interaction.

Engage | Spotlight on Guided Image


From technician training on how to install a DVR to examining the key components of an aircraft’s navigational system, the Guided Image interaction allows for the flexible use of a path-based approach to visual training with detailed narration.

Following are some ways you could use the Guided Image interaction:

  • Medical school training for examination of the tools in a surgery room
  • Flight deck skills review for the areas of an aircraft carrier’s landing strip
  • A contractor’s overview of the areas of a building to be remodeled
  • Reviewing the key elements of a car’s cylinder for mechanic’s training
  • How to start a snow blower
  • Safety training for how to handle sensitive chemicals in a lab
  • A photo of a filing system or cabinet and instructions for an assistant about process
  • Key components of your favorite blogging tool’s authoring interface

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