Engage | Spotlight on Process Interaction

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This is Part 2 of an 11-part series on Engage Interaction Types – More Than Meets the Eye.

As you learned in my previous post, the Engage product development team spent a lot of time evaluating the right blend of interaction types to roll out to you in our new interaction building product. Not only can you use each interaction type for its named purpose, but you can get really creative with how you use each one — giving your users an effective and compelling learning experience

It’s time to start taking a closer look at each of the Engage interaction types, and how you can use each one in creative ways. And guess what? There’s more to the Process interaction than meets the eye. So let’s start with it and explore some ideas for ways you might use it.

Engage | Spotlight on Process Interaction


From simple how-to steps (programming the TiVo or DVR to record your favorite shows) to more complex training procedures (ER nurse’s overview for what to do when a patient hemorrhages), the Engage Process interaction can be used to convey any content that you’d like to present in numbered or lettered sequence.

Here are some suggestions for how to use the Process interaction:

  • Product features or overviews (like exploring the different interaction types in Engage)
  • An overview of what to expect during each of the next 5 years of your career with Acme Corp.
  • A top 10 list — “10 Common Mistakes in IT Troubleshooting”
  • A chapter-by-chapter summary — “The 2007 Acme Corp. Benefits Handbook”
  • Exhibits in a case study for a paralegal program — Exhibits A, B, C…
  • Software Installation Guide (with screenshots)
  • Instructions for Accessing a Library Database
  • 5 Best Practices for Communicating via Email
  • The Best Community Forum Entries
  • Planning and scheduling for a project by day — Tasks for Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, etc.
  • Most Common Reasons PC Users Get Viruses
  • Troubleshooting Tips for Software Activation

Did this list get your creative juices flowing? What ideas do you have about how you plan to use the Process interaction? Let me know in the comments section of this post, or drop me a line directly.

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