How to Use Question Groups in Quizmaker

Written by Mike Enders — Posted in Articulate 101, Articulate Quizmaker, Community

What if you want to post an Articulate Quizmaker assessment online, but don’t want all of your learners to receive the exact same questions—and perhaps share intel? No problem; just give each learner a randomized set of questions. It’s easy to randomize questions and use categories to sort and manage them in Articulate Quizmaker. I’ll walk you through that now—let’s start with getting your questions organized. We’ll start by creating question groups.

Step 1:  Create Your Question Groups.

As a default, Quizmaker has a question group for you called Question Group 1. If you’d like to add more groups, simply click “Question Group.”

  • Bonus Tip: To change the question group name, just click on its title and rename it.

Step 2: Create Your Questions.

After creating your questions, drag and drop them to the right category. Or, if you know the category before you create the question, select the category first. Then, when you create your question, it will automatically appear in the category you selected.

The next step is to randomize your questions.There are a couple of different ways to pull questions randomly from the groups you create.

Option 1: Single Group Randomization.

Let’s say you have a single group that contains 50 questions, and you’d like 10 random questions pulled from that group. First, click the “Randomize Group” button, and then select the number 10 from  the “Include” dropdown arrow. When you preview or publish your quiz, you’ll see a selection of 10 random questions pulled from your group of 50.

Option 2:  Multiple Group Randomization.

If you want to pull questions from two or more groups, just repeat the same process as above for each group. For example, say you want a 10 question quiz with five questions pulled from two groups. For each group, simply click the “Randomize Group” button and select “5” from the “Include” dropdown. Next to each group title, you’ll see the following:

That’s all it takes! For a step-by-step look at working with Quizmaker question groups, watch this screencast.

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