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Provide Consistent Exit Experience Across Browsers


A former client contacted me recently because the Exit tab in her course wasn’t working consistently across browsers. Her question was, “How do I get the Exit tab to work regardless of the browser my learners use?” It’s a great question, and we’ve got an answer: use a launch page. The problem is that Exit […]

How to Use Question Groups in Quizmaker


What if you want to post an Articulate Quizmaker assessment online, but don’t want all of your learners to receive the exact same questions—and perhaps share intel? No problem; just give each learner a randomized set of questions. It’s easy to randomize questions and use categories to sort and manage them in Articulate Quizmaker. I’ll walk […]

Quizmaker Discoveries


When I first started working with Articulate Quizmaker, I was hooked by how easily I could create super-functional quizzes in form view. Then one day I discovered slide view and realized that Quizmaker has so much more to offer than meets the eye. Slide view completely changed how I use Quizmaker, and I want to […]

Protect Your Audio Files


If you’re like me, you probably spend a lot of time getting your audio tracks “just right.” And when it’s time to use your audio file in a project, you want to be able to quickly locate and insert it, right? After all, the reason you work so hard to get reliable audio for your […]

Picture Filters, PowerPoint Style


When I was browsing a social media site recently, I was struck by the stunning imagery posted by some users. Not the images themselves but the treatments on them: fades, light effects, sepia tones, vintage looks, and more. These effects add a depth and expression that turn simple shots into compelling stories. So how can […]

Articulate Storyline Tutorials


Listed below are recent Articulate Storyline tutorials made by your fellow Storyline users in the Articulate Community. The list comes from a Diigo bookmark feed and is updated frequently. You might also like to check out the Articulate Storyline tutorials at E-Learning Heroes. Want to stay on top of new tutorials as they’re added here? […]

How to Get Articulate Support, Training, and Tutorials


Check out the E-Learning Heroes Tutorials! Articulate software is easy to use, but who doesn’t benefit from a little help from their friends? We offer so many training and support resources that there’s likely an answer to your question already out there. This guide outlines the core Articulate support and training resources, and provides some […]

6 Tips for Managing & Developing Your E-Learning Projects


This guest blog entry was written by Kevin Thorn, an Articulate user who designs e-learning for AutoZone in Memphis, Tennessee. Being a great e-learning developer also means being a great project manager. The entire process from concept to evaluation can take many turns and can become overwhelming at times. And if you ask a dozen […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Quizmaker ’09


The following guest blog entry was written by Articulate VP of Community Tom Kuhlmann. Quizmaker ‘09 is my favorite elearning application. One of the things I like best about it is that if I start in form view, I can create a decent quiz in just a few minutes. But, if I go to slide […]

3 Quick Steps to Tracking Users in Articulate Online


Articulate Online is our version of a Learning Management System — without the usual cost and hassle. In this article, we’ll explore the three basic steps to start tracking your users’ activity in your Articulate Online account: Create and publish content Set content permissions Distribute content We’ll explore each of these areas below. First, though, […]

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