How Your Realtor Will Make Your Buying Experience Better

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Before you bought your house, did you take a virtual tour of it? Did you fill out any online forms related to the transaction? I know I didn’t. My home-buying experience involved looking at a printed-out black-and-white photo of my house before I saw it, then reviewing, filling out, and signing stacks and stacks of paperwork. And that was only two years ago.

The next time you buy a house, I’m going to bet that the experience will be a lot more digitized than it is today. At least if Marc Grayson has anything to say about it.

Grayson, President & Founder of the National Institute of Webographers, wants to train real estate professionals how to leverage Web-based resources to help them streamline the home-buying process, to close more deals with less effort, and, ultimately, to make it a better experience for you, the home buyer.

The Real Estate Webographer certification program, which ensures that realtors are in the know on available real estate technologies, is powered by Articulate, and Grayson did his homework — for six months — before selecting the ideal online training solution that would integrate with his company’s LMS. He wanted to create “dynamic presentations — self-paced, voice-driven, animated and interactive — but without the headache.”

Here’s what Marc wrote to me in an email about his selection process:

“The decision to use Articulate was simple considering that it met all 5 of our criteria and stood high above the fold:

  • Awards and kudos: From industry competitions to awards from reviewers like Brandon Hall, one could constantly see a trend that consumers and critics applauded Articulate Presenter & Quizmaker.
  • Ease-of-use: We were readily producing interactive media shortly after downloading our free trial.
  • Compression and delivery: Rather than an end user waiting for a full presentation to download, which could be 6 MB or more, the Articulate Player downloads content for the slide being viewed, and, as that slide is viewed, subsequent slides are being downloaded for a seamless and uninterrupted presentation.
  • Customer service: We are rewarded with service that goes well beyond looking to answer basic questions and looks to build business relationships through an undisputed high level of commitment to the customer.
  • LMS integration: The Rapid E-Learning Studio allowed us to provide all the bells and whistles to make our online certification vessel not just training, but an experience.

“We wanted to get as close as possible to the classroom experience in a self-paced environment. Articulate was clearly the answer.”

So when you’re ready to buy that dream house and you can walk away from the experience reflecting on how pleasant and easy it was, thank Marc Grayson and his Articulate-powered training program.


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