New Book Published: Essential Articulate Studio ’09


The much anticipated inaugural book on Articulate Studio ’09 is hot off the presses and shipping now.

The 1,000-page book “is designed to help novice to intermediate users of Articulate Studio ’09 get the most from using these tools — Presenter, Engage, Quizmaker, and Video Encoder — to develop quality informational and instructional materials.”

You can order the book directly via the publisher and receive a 35% discount with coupon code art0586: Essential Articulate Studio ’09 by Patti Shank and Jennifer Bircher (ISBN: 9781598220582).

You can also order via Amazon, if you prefer.

I asked Patti and Jennifer for their thoughts on Articulate Studio ’09 and why they wrote this book.

First, here’s what Patti Shank had to say:

“The Articulate Studio ’09 tools change the elearning development game. They allow people with different authoring skill levels (including little or no skills) to build attractive online information and instruction that just a few years ago would have required a team of people with various skills to create. The learning curve for simple projects is extremely low but the tool also has enough amazing capabilities to keep seasoned developers happy as well.

“Here’s how this game changer has changed the way we work: We now can often build what we are designing without the extreme hassles of the more costly and time-intensive ‘typical’ design and development processes. Or we can do most of it and only use additional graphics and media development partners for the few things we are unable to do ourselves. Even more importantly, we can train our clients to maintain their own projects or even build them from scratch, with our support. This allows us to be much more efficient (and far less costly) partners with folks who seek our help.”

And co-author Jennifer Bircher echoed the sentiment:

I love Articulate because it can turn work into play. (Well, most of the time…) One of the best features of Studio ’09 is that you can throw together something very simple, with a tiny learning curve, and it looks great. Or, you can really dig in and create super-sophisticated e-learning. This broad spectrum is changing the face of e-learning because Articulate’s products aren’t limited to newbies or to experts. No matter where you are in your e-learning journey, Articulate can help you build just what you need.”

So whether you’re just getting started or you’re an old pro, this book will help you get the most out of your Articulate software.

The book also includes a companion CD with the following items:

Congrats, Patti and Jennifer!

2 responses to “New Book Published: Essential Articulate Studio ’09”


Patti Shank is my favorite author writing about eLearning. She is so practical and articulate! I have copies of all her books. Thanks for 35 percent discount.

Sivasailam Thiagarajan // Posted at 7:11 am on June 30th, 2009

I’ve been excitedly using Articulate since it first came out and look forward to seeing new ideas from the highly creative authors, Patti and Jennifer. Being able to “power up” presentations from subject matter experts to save time AND get great performance results is just what my organization wants.

Ann Yakimovicz // Posted at 11:31 am on June 30th, 2009

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