“One of the Best Investments I Made:” A Doctor’s Case Study

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Dr. Rosemary Chacko has found a way to maximize her investment in Articulate tools: She uses our products in both her professional and private lives.

As she puts it:

All in all, Articulate suite has been one of the best investments I made as a physician educator and a homeschool educator. Thank you, Articulate Team. Keep up the good work. We are all learning.

In her professional life at St Luke’s Baptist Hospital (part of the Baptist Health System in San Antonio, Texas), Dr. Chacko has leveraged Articulate Presenter, Quizmaker, and Engage to distribute medicinal knowledge in some creative ways to busy doctors who aren’t always available for in-person meetings.

In her own words:

Huge changes are occurring in hospital medicine. Unfortunately, doctors are no longer attending meetings at the hospital. Articulate’s suite of programs have helped spread the word at the Baptist Health System, from little quiz prompts for e-newsletters, to web-based continuing medical education and nursing education, to documentation tips on the new MSDRG payment system.

The turn-around time for the projects is so much faster with these tools. For example, I attended a lecture presentation and was able to plug the key points into an ‘Engaging’ format and pop the links to my colleagues within a couple days.

As a Palliative Medicine physician, I used Engage to make a quick demo for the physicians about a new project in our intensive care unit, sharing the form we are using as well as giving examples of how the form can be completed.

Below is an example Engage interaction provided by Dr. Chacko from the cardiac diagnoses portion of the MSDRG training:

View Example Engage Interaction

Outside work, Dr. Chacko keeps plenty busy at home, where she educates her 7 children. She’s even enlisted the older children to create Articulate-powered content — a learning experience in itself — to help with the education of the younger children:

Articulate has vastly improved my effectiveness as an educator, not only at the hospital, but in my home. Both my husband and I made the decision to work only part-time so that we could homeschool our growing family of seven (children are ages 2-17).

Creating learning content with Articulate software is a process shared by the whole Chacko family:

The kids have learned to make quizzes on Quizmaker. Michael (age 9) made matching questions for his multiplication to try on his younger brother, Peter (age 5). The short answer and essay questions lend themselves to literature quizzes and composition as well.

One child tried to use the matching program to remember his geometric proofs. My older children have learned the value of presentations through Articulate, seeing the incredible time-saving of updating a project and republishing instead of re-taping the entire presentation as a .WMV or video.

Grandma even teaches periodically. I am hoping to take her PowerPoint lessons and save her lectures using Articulate. I can burn CDs and make a library for the children to share —- or to share with other families.

Below is a sample Quizmaker math quiz created by 5-year-old Peter, based on his experience with the new carpet currently being laid in the family’s home:

View Example Quizmaker Quiz

On the math quiz Peter made, Dr. Chacko says:

The chain is divided into six beads each section.  Markers of the sixes ( 6, 12, 18…) are placed as he counts the chain.  He goes to the screen, gets his problem, returns to the floor and counts the groups of sixes to get his answer and then returns to the screen to complete the quiz.  I put a picture of the setup on the first quiz question.

Thanks for sharing your unique story, Dr. Chacko, and we’re glad that our software is helping to educate both your colleagues and your family.

Have a story you’d like to share about how you’ve incporporated Articulate into your work or home life? Let me know.

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Wow, that’s a great story.

Mike Hendrickson // Posted at 3:36 pm on August 28th, 2008

I like the incorporation of manipulatives with an assessment that can be electronically tracked. I think it’s a wonderful example of age appropriate technology integration.

Lori TZ // Posted at 3:58 pm on September 16th, 2008

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