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NTRsupport demo

Several times in the past week or two we’ve gotten requests to see examples of Articulate-powered content in the context of an existing customer’s Web site.

It’s apparent that seeing Examples of Articulate in Action is one of the most popular topics among our community (with 20,082 views, that happens to be our most popular forum thread).

We hear you loud and clear.

Although we have an extensive library of customer spotlights here on the blog, most of those launch via the blog, directly from our site, versus giving you a feel for how others are using our software to promote products, convey a message, or deliver training.

You can find an Articulate Presenter presentation on NTRglobal’s Website — click the “Quick Tour” link on the right-hand side of the NTRsupport Product Overview page — that adheres to many of the 7 Quick Tips for Spicing up Your PowerPoint Design entry I recently posted.

NTRsupport Quick Tour

This presentation has a striking yet simple design, a good use of animated characters — for the record, our support staff is much cooler than the cartoon support guys throughout this presentation — and an effective use of animation.

All that and you get to see it in the context of the company’s own site.

Come across other examples? Share them in the comments here, or in the Examples of Articulate in Action forum thread.

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Great presentation. Perfect example of leveraging the animation effects in PowerPoint to create a flash-like look. I like the colors and the use of white space. It’s very inviting. Good job.

It’s on my list of examples to show others.

doofdaddy // Posted at 6:48 pm on May 30th, 2007

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