Presenter to the Rescue

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A few months ago I posted a customer spotlight on Gregory Hadley of Niigata University (who has one of the best speaking voices I’ve heard). Like many of our customers, Greg is a big fan of Articulate Presenter. We recently exchanged some emails and Greg offered the following true story, which he has allowed me to share with you here:

“Back in September, I had to go the the States for a high-powered negotiations meeting on behalf of my university. While in my hotel room before a big presentation, I made an Articulate Presenter version of the presentation on my laptop, using the microphone built into the laptop. It went very well, and the CD version of the presentation was passed around to others who couldn’t come to the presentation (for example, the president, who had wanted to come but had other engagements). The CDs made their rounds, and one result was that I was able to lower an asking price for an educational program for our students by about $1,300 a person. So, thanks again for Articulate.”

And thank you, Greg, for sharing this story!

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