Quick Creation, Flexible Delivery, Great Results

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CUNA Mutual Group is a financial services provider to credit unions and their members worldwide. CUNA uses Articulate tools for internal and customer training, and was so pleased with the ease of creation, flexibility of deployment (Intranet and CD), and the great results it was getting that it began using our tools for all types of general communications, too.

View the CUNA Mutual Group Case Study

In in this CUNA case study, you’ll hear Patty Glines, Senior Manager of Learning, say the following about her company’s experience with Articulate:

Our company uses the Articulate Rapid E-Learning Studio as a core elearning development tool to create just in time elearning for our clients and employees.

What we really like about Articulate’s products is that in the same time we can develop text-based communication, we can build multimedia-based communication. We can add text, narration, images, or video.

Thanks, Patty and CUNA, for sharing your Articulate experience with us.

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I really like the concept of “edumercials” that Patty talks about. Oftentimes, we are too engrossed with creating “the complete learning solution” when all that is required is getting some key information out to the people who need it most. Great job!

HR Chef // Posted at 10:47 pm on January 23rd, 2008

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