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Written by Mike Enders — Posted in Articulate 101, Articulate Quizmaker

When I first started working with Articulate Quizmaker, I was hooked by how easily I could create super-functional quizzes in form view. Then one day I discovered slide view and realized that Quizmaker has so much more to offer than meets the eye. Slide view completely changed how I use Quizmaker, and I want to share three of my favorite discoveries with you.

Timeline Controls

Quizmaker timeline

The timeline is a feature I certainly didn’t expect to find, so maybe it will surprise you too. With it, you can control the way items enter and exit the screen, as well as change their layer positions (front to back, and vice versa). It’s super easy to revise the timing or layering of an object. Watch this video for tips on using the Quizmaker timeline:


View this screencast on Screenr.com

Design Features

Many people don’t realize they can use Quizmaker as a stand-alone e-learning tool to build entire courses. It has PowerPoint-like design tools, animation controls, built-in branching capabilities, and much more. You can actually create dynamic content without ever leaving Quizmaker. Take a look at this wonderful course by David Anderson and see for yourself how to use Quizmaker’s sleek built-in branching tool.

Media layering

My favorite discovery is the way Quizmaker handles media. It’s a cinch to insert video and then adjust the content layers in front of or behind it. For example, you can design a special frame to go on top of a video to give it visual pop. Watch this video to see how easy it is to layer content over your video:

View this screencast on Screenr.com

For more great Quizmaker tips, check out the Screenr streams from Jeanette Brooks and David Anderson. You’ll find a bunch of ideas for your next Quizmaker project!


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