Reach Branding Club

Written by Gabe Anderson — Posted in Customers

SNAG-0423.png Kirsten Dixson and William Arruda, Founding Partners of the Reach Branding Club, feature an Articulate Presenter-powered presentation on the home page of their Web site as a way to recruit new members into their organization. Kirsten and William team up in this presentation to introduce you to their organization, teach you about branding, and quiz you on some of the material.

I’m particularly impressed by their use of quality imagery, audio, and interactivity. This is truly a shining example of what you can do with Articulate Presenter.

“We leveraged your software to develop a comprehensive personal branding training program for entrepreneurs and professionals,” writes Kirsten. “We just launched in October and the feedback has been phenomenal. Thanks, Articulate! We couldn’t have done it without you. We are delighted that we decided to upgrade to your Pro version, because the quizzes really enhance the experience.”

View Introduction to the Reach Branding Club

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