Secret of Uninterrupted Power Flow

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There’s a poster I remember seeing once that’s always stuck with me. It shows a puppy with his head hung low. He’s being scolded and beneath the puppy is this text: “When I do good, no one remembers. When I do bad, no one forgets.”

Some things in modern life we take for granted: The dial tone when we pick up the phone; the Internet connection when we fire up the Web browser; the electricity when we flip that light switch and expect there to be light… and a computer to turn on… and the air conditioning to keep us cool… the list goes on.

It is the power workers of the world we have to thank for this. And until the lights go out and your computer screen goes black and you lose an hour’s worth of work on that important document, you probably don’t think much about electricity and the workers who reliably bring it to us nearly every day and night.

The electrical workers are a silent, well-trained army that’s prepared for just about any situation, thanks to the Energy Industry CBT Alliance (EICA), a consortium made up of more than 70 of the United States’ largest electric power companies that “use or develop online/computer-based training.”

In April 2005 the consortium began using Articulate products after researching PowerPoint to Flash tools.

“We were particularly impressed with the results of the 2004 Brandon Hall PowerPoint to eLearning Shootout between Articulate and Breeze,” said Rick Halverson, Executive Director of the EICA. “In the past year, we’ve already developed for our energy company membership more than 110 online training courses using Articulate Presenter and Quizmaker.”


View Heat Stress course

We are extremely pleased with the quality of elearning that Articulate allows us to produce,” Halverson continued. “Our energy company members have also been impressed with Articulate’s output — so impressed that most have purchased Articulate for their internal training departments, too.”

The EICA has even created its own Presenter-based guide to online testing, which features — you guessed it — Articulate Quizmaker:


View the EICA Guide to Creating Online Tests

So next time you turn on your computer, think of the well-trained electrical worker who helped ensure that you could go to work and complete your e-learning development project on time.

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