“Setting the Pace” with “Prompt” & “Awesome” Support

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As many Articulate customers can attest, it’s the quality of both our award-winning products and our award-winning support that comprise the Articulate difference. In addition to being able to send feedback directly to me, you also have the opportunity to fill out a quick survey by following the link included in the “P.S.” with every single reply we send to your support cases.

We get all kinds of feedback in the survey (I review it at least once per day and read every comment) — good, bad, and ugly — on everything from praise about how fast the response was to complaints about why we don’t offer a particular feature (keep those feature requests coming!).

The key to praise like this is that our support is part of what makes the Articulate experience unique: We don’t leave you stranded after the sale and we’re always here to help. As Jon says below, our products and support go hand in hand:


I must say that your products are quite impressive, but what I find even more impressive is the level of customer support myself and my team receives. Regardless of how great a product is, it’s useless without timely, quality, and ease of support. Your quick and accurate customer support is fantastic and I spread the word about your products at every chance because of it. Keep up the good work!

– Jon Morgan
Multimedia Courseware Developer
MDC Holdings, Inc.

Although not everyone shares a photo with me, here’s a sampling of some of the great survey feedback we’ve received over the past couple months:

Without doubt you are the promptest and most helpful support line I have ever experienced. It makes such a difference.
– Trevor Silvester, The Quest Insititute

It is a pleasure dealing with an organisation that provides world-class service. You are setting the pace and are an inspiration to me to do better for my customers.

What impressed me most is that I had the strong sense that we were going to both stick with this until we had a solution. This is a comforting conclusion.

You all have been great. I figured I wouldn’t be able to get this resolved quickly or after 6pm so I went home. But wouldn’t you know…. minutes later you guys responded. Great to have such support. Next time I’ll just have a cup of coffee or count to ten!

I have never had as fast a response as I had with you!

Your team was able to resolve an issue we have been fussing with for over a week. Thank you for the great help.

You guys have provided extremely fast and excellent support.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a first-time computer app run that smoothly. It went great. Word of mouth spread and I had many people dropping in to see it. Others are planning on coming on Friday. It may mean more business for you all especially if I can tell them how timely and helpful your support is.

I think you should pat yourselves on the back for the level of support you offer! Such fast support!

You guys have awesome support. It’s greatly appreciated.

I’m not sure how you could make it better. I emailed you at 9:12 am (Alaska time) and you responded at 9:45 am (Alaska time). How could you ask for something better than that!

Support response time was outstanding.

Your quick and accurate customer support is fantastic and I spread the word about your products at every chance because of it. Keep up the good work!

As much as I enjoy sharing praise like this — and a big thank you to everyone who does! — I know we’re not perfect. Do you have suggestions for how we can improve support? Drop me a line!

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